• 1. This rehabilitation centre is giving free education, free food and shelter to poor physically and economically backward girls in our society.
    2. This rehabilitation centre has given educational scholarships, medicines and health scholarships to 638 students in the year 2003-2008, and to 300 students each from 2008 onwards.
    3. This rehabilitation centre helped the illiterate unmarried physically handicapped ladies by giving them education and sewing machine and gave them financial help if they got any marriage alliance in their life.
    4. This rehabilitation centre had given financial help to 86 poor girls for their marriage, so far
    5. This rehabilitation centre has helped students to do B.ed and Teacher Training courses and LLB courses
    6. Many students completed their post graduate course with the help of this rehabilitation centre
    7. Many students are studying and some of them completed their degree course, nursing course, computer course and so on.
    8. Many students are studying for higher secondary education with the help of this rehabilitation centre
    9. Many school dropouts and grown up deaf and dump girls are given training in art, craft, and tailoring courses by this rehabilitation centre.
    10. Many children are given training in classical dances and other cultural activities through experts
    11. Many students are studying in different schools in (LP, UP and High school sections) with the help of this rehabilitation centre
    12. 80 mentally retarded children are getting help from this rehabilitation centre.
    13. Under the care and control of this rehabilitation centre a health care centre started in the year 2001 having the jurisdiction at Kuthambully Gramam and its adjacent places. 425 aged parents were getting health protection, clothes and food from this rehabilitation centre. About 7200 patients were given free medical care and medicines by this rehabilitation centre through the Health Care Centre of Kuthambully for three years.
    14. From 2004-2008 a health care centre is started at Mangalam from where 4000 patients were given free medical care and medicines from this rehabilitation centre.
    15. Many poor families from our societies have been contacting us for helping them to construct small houses. Accepting their wishes we make enquiries with the help of health workers regarding their request. Rehabilitation centre enabled some very poor and diserving families to build up a home for them. About 75 families are given partial help.
    16. village visits and follow up sessions are part of the regular activities of rehabilitation centre.
  • Our Activities
    At present, the trust is providing free hostel living, food, clothing, medical care, education and vocational training to 25 children. Yearly 200 poor, needy, disabled, mentally retarded, blind. Children and grown ups are provided with health care camps food, clothes and scholarships. From different villages 55 families are selected and they are provided with food, clothes, medical care and scholarships. Vocational training children are provided with sewing machine once they complete their course. The girls are supported to do their college studies, nursing courses, computer education and to find a job get settled in life.
    Achievements from the year 1996
    » The trust founded in the year 1996 with a goal to provide HEALTH TO ALL - EDUCATION TO ALL
    » Educationally enabled 640 poor childrens
    » Empowered 100 women and 75youths by equipping them through vocational training
    » Treated the illness and addressed the common health problems of 20 villages through weekly health clinics and periodical health camps. In kuthampully village and Mangalam Health Care Centre all most 6500 aged parents were given medical care.
    » Enabled 60 houses for dwelling in remote villages
    » Food, clothes and medical scholarshipss to the aged parents numbering 350 from different villages.
    » Enabled 175 grown ups to get married in life.