• Small voices big dreams
    Rehabilitation centre supports children, families and communities of all faiths in towns and villages palakkad and thrichur Dt in kerala and three remote villagers in karnataka - INDIA.
  • Our Achievementsmore
    Educationally enabled 640 poor children
    Empowered 100 women and 75 youths by equipping them through vocational training
    Eabled 60 houses for dwelling in remote village
    Food, clothes and Medical scholarships to the aged parents numbering 350 from different village
    Enabled 175 grown ups to get married in life
    Treated the illness and addressed the common health problems of 20 villages through weekly health clinics and periodical health camps. In kuthampully village and Mangalam Health Care Centre all most 6500 aged parents were given medical care.
About Us
Society for the rehabilitation of the poor & Handicapped was founded as a charitable trust in 1996.
Rehabilitation centre is a voluntary, non- profit, rural development organization, committed for the empowerment and Emancipation of women, children, the aged and needy rural masses. Rehabilitation centre longstanding desire is to support the under-privileged and the disadvantaged members of the society. Awareness and education bring empowerment and empowerment leads to sustainability.
"Freedom from a life time of hard manual labour where girls work against their will by threat of beatings imprisonment and violence against the families”
Education gives freedom to fulfill her God given potential to learn to prosper ”REHC conduct their programmes without regard to faith, origin and Gender”
  • Oraganization Activities
    Yearly 40-45 physically and mentally challenged, poor and needy children, care takers and health workers are provided with free hostel living, food, medical care,clothing and other necessities of life. Yearly 200 poor, needy, disabled, mentaly retarded and blind. Children and grown ups are provided with health care camps food, clothes and scholarships. From different villages 55 families are selected and they are provided with food, clothes, medical care and scholarships. Vocational training children are provided with sewing machine. Once they college studies, nursing courses, computer education and to find a job and get settled in life .
  • Help us to help
    Our services to help people, young and old disabled in remote village. REHC depend upon generosity persons like you who take it upon themselves to seek out ways to help those in need and make a difference in the lives of others, your money is what is making a difference in the lives of the thousands helped by REHC.