Rehabilitation for Poor and Handicapped
Build a home for living
love and serve
small voice big dreams
  • Education to all
    Education gives freedom to fulfill her God given potential to learn to prosper ”REHC conduct their programmes without regard to faith, origin and Gender”
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  • Small voice big dreams
    Rehabilitation centre supports children, families & communities of all faiths in towns & villages in Palakkad & Thrissur Dt in Kerala also in 3 remote villages in Karnataka- India
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  • Help (Housing)
    Nest to the Nestless little MITE to the poor villager who is in the struggle to build up a Home by himself.
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  • Disabled children
    Birds with broken wings. Children are come from broken families-divorce, drug-addict and unabled to dream of a better Home and Education.
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  • Aged parants
    To empower a renewed sprit of joy in living to the poor and aged parents, through health care programmers’
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Profile of rehabilitation centre
Since its foundation in 1996 rehabilation center has been a living home for the poor and disabled girls. Children have come from broken families and unable to dream of a better home and education. School drop outs and gifted are being taught crafts, embroidary and so on. Free medical assistance to the poor such as surgeries, a helping hand to the poor families who strive to improve their living conditions with basic needs. A little mite to the poor girls to get settled in life. Personal and money comes from generous friends who are interested to share our VISION AND ADVENTURES. THE BEST WAY OF PROVIDING THESE CHILDREN A LIFE A HOME AND A TRAINING that will prepare them to became useful and needed, self supporting and self respecting citizens of India.